Victorian Symbolism

Victorian Picture Using Symbols of the Time

This antique picture  is an example of the symbolism used by the Victorians.  If examined you can see the doves, the dog, the trees, the hearts on the tomb and  more.

 Picture Symbolisms

           Anchor                 Hope
           Bird                      Winged Soul, Eternal Life
           Bridge                  Linking of Earthly & Heavenly Realms
           Conch Shell         Reincarnation
           Cross                    Love, Faith, Goodness
           Dog                      Loyalty
           Heart                   Love, Devotion, Charity
           Oak Tree             Steadfastness, Life
           Palm Tree            Peace
           Sun Shining         Everlasting Life


These Are the symbols most used in Hair art jewelry

Popular Symbols Used in Hair Art

Rose                       Love, Hope

Pansy                     Thoughtfulness

Lily                          Eternal Life

Forget-Me-Not      Remembrance

Ivy                           Memory, Immortality, Friendship, Fidelity

Wreath,                  Memory

Angel                      Guardian, Protection, Divine Love

Butterfly                The 3 Stages of Life, Death, Resurrection

Fleur de Lis            Flame, Ardor, Mother

Wheat                    Resurrection

Design Ideas

These are many of the symbols you will find used in Hair Art.   

You can design many unique pieces using some of these that will mean memories for you and your family.

You can create a lasting memory that is special to you.  

Many families have their own special symbols and meanings.  That is how the Bremen Town Musicians came to be.  for instance.

List of Victorian Symbolism

This is a List of Additional Flowers & Their Meanings in the Past

Acacia                           Immortality of Soul, Secret Love               
Acanthus                       Heavenly Garden
Apple Blossom              Preference
Azalea                            Temperance
Bachelor's Buttons        Celibacy  
Basil                               Hatred             
Buttercup                      Cheerfulness
Camellia                        Reflected Loveliness
Carnation                      Admiration, A Women's Love
Crocus                           Youthful Gladness    
Daffodil                         Regard, desire, art, grace
Daisy                             Innocence, youth
Dogwood                      Durability
Fennel                           Strength
Fern                               Sincerity
Goldenrod                     Precaution
Hawthorne                    Hope, Merriness, and Springtime
Heather                         Admiration, Solitude and Protection
Heliotrope                     Devotion, Constancy, Infatuation
Hibiscus                         Devotion, Constancy, Infatuation
Holly                              Foresight
Hollyhock                      Ambition, Fertility
Honeysuckle                 Bonds of Love, Generosity & Devoted Affection
Hyacinth                       Unobtrusive Loveliness
Iris                                 Hope, Power, Message
Jasmine                        Amiability, Sensuality, Grace, Elegance
Laurel Leaves               Special Achievement, Distinction, Success
Lavender                       Distrust
Lemon Blossoms          Fidelity in Love
Lilac                               First Emotions of Love, Youthful Innocence
Lily of the Valley           Return of Happiness, Purity, Humility
Lotus                              Eloquence, Mystery and Truth
Magnolia                       Love of Nature
Marigold                        Sorrow
Mint                                Virtue
Morning Glory               Affection, Resurrection
Myrtle                            Love and Marriage
Narcissus                      Egotism
Nightshade                   Secrets
Olive                              Peace and Security
Passion Flower             Elements of the Passion of Christ
Periwinkle                     Friendship
Pine                               Fidelity, Fertility, Re-generation
Pineapple                     Hospitality, Good Host
Poppy                           Peace, Rest
Primrose                       Consistency, Early Youth
Quince                          Temptation
Rhododendron             Danger
Rosemary                     Herb of Remembrance
Sage                              Domestic Virtues
Stephanotis                   Bride's Good Luck Flower
Sweet Pea                     Delicate Pleasures
Sweet William               Gallantry
Thistle                            Defiance, Earthly Sorrow
Vine                               God
Violet                             Faithfulness, Steadfastness and Modesty
Water Lily                      Purity of Heart
Weeping Willow            Mourning
Willow                            Forsaken Love
Wisteria                         Welcome, Meeting You Means So Much To Me
Zinnia                            Thoughts of Absent Friends

Mourning Pendant With Symbolism

Mourning Pendant With Symbolism