Frequently Asked Questions

 How Much Hair is Needed? 

Laid flat it needs to cover an area of about 2 square inches for most designs in a pendant size.   I always return any hair not used in the creation of these pieces 

The picture shows a lock of hair about two inches long and a nice amount in thickness.  If the hair is shorter, then there needs to be more of it.  

It's better to send a little more as I will return the hair that is not used.

How Long Does it Take?

It takes approximately ten days to two weeks to complete a piece depending upon it's complexity.  It everything goes smoothly it could be done in a week.  


How Do I Care For My Jewelry?

Hair Art is delicate.  It is protected under glass, but it cannot be gotten wet. A dry polishing cloth is best used to clean the glass.  Hair Art will last indefinitely if properly taken care of.   

 How Long Have You Been Creating Hair Jewelry?

Almost 25 Years Now for Clients -  

Are there Special Instructions for Sending Hair ?

Place hair in a padded envelope for safe delivery, and always let me know when to expect your package.  Since the hair is not always replaceable  I like to be available when it arrives to ensure safety in the deliver process.

 What Payments Do You Accept ?

I accept Credit Cards and PayPal.

                                         MORE INFORMATION

It takes much less hair than most people think to create these pieces. The picture above represents approximately the amount needed to create an average piece of hair art.  For a one inch pendant design, if you spread the hair flat and it covers a one inch area at least twice, it is the minimum amount for most designs.

Once the design is chosen and the style of locket is picked out, you should e-mail me for a firm quote.  The designs shown are samples of what can be created.

I do my best to create any design that might have meaning to the family or client.  The Bremen Town Musicians has special significance as did the squirrel, the castle design and many many others.  If you contact me I will let you know if the design you desire is possible with the amount of hair available.

All designs are chosen by the client and created to their specifications.  Any hair not used in the creation of the art work will be returned to the client.