Victorian Hair Jewelry

All Jewelry is Custom Made to Your Specifications as Much as Possible.  

All Prices Below Include the Hair Art, The Pendant Chosen, a Gift Box, and return Mailing

Sterling silver rose edge brooch/pendants $275.

Sterling Silver


These pendants are sterling silver and were  made  expressly for this hair art. The hair art is placed on mother-of- pearl.  They measure about 1-1/4" in diameter

14k Triple Gold Plate


These pendants are available in either the sterling silver finish or the gold vermeil finish.  The color tone of the hair used will sometimes determine which finish flatters the hair the most.

Pendant Back


These pendants are versatile as they have a pin on the back and can be worn as either a pendant or a brooch.  They can be engraved 

for an additional fee.

Rope Edge Pendants $275. Plain Edge Pendants $250.

Sterling Silver Rope Edge


These pendants have domed glass on both sides.  The hair art is placed on a mother of pearl background.  The reverse side can have either a picture or wording placed inside.  

These pendants come in a variety of sizes, shown is the 3/4" size (earrings) diameters.  

Gold-Filled Rope Edge


 Show Above is the 1-3/8" Gold-Filled Pendant with the rope edge.  It has domed glass on both sides, the hair art is place on mother-of-pearl.

These pieces are also available in 14k gold as a special orde

Gold-Filled Plain Edge


 The cost varies with the size of the pendant and whether ordered in gold-filled  or sterling silver.  These pieces are also available in 14k gold as a special order.  

These pendants do not have a lot of depth to them, so the hair art can not have a lot of layers to it.

Lockets or Pendants The Client Provides $150


There are many antique lockets and brooches that are beautiful and client's will send me jewelry they have  purchased just so they can add the hair art inside.


 Hair art can be placed inside a pendant that the client sends me.  I place the hair art on mother-of -pearl for the backing and many very unique pieces have been made using antique or custom created jewelry pieces. 


Client's have lockets with sentimental meaning and I can create artwork with meaning to place inside.

Two-Sided Sterling silver pendants $275.

Pendant Has Glass On Both Sides


You can place a picture or wording on the back.

There is actually enough room to place another piece of hair art too.

Sterling Silver Plain Edge Pendants


These pendants are sterling silver and have glass on both sides.  They have more depth than the pendants seen above.  The size is approximately 7/8" in diameter.  The hair art is placed on mother of pearl. 

Both Sides Have Glass


The hair art can have layers inside this pendant.  A design such as the rose fits nicely with it layers.

To Order



    Please e-mail me with any questions about ordering and hair amounts. 

    I am happy to answer any and all questions you might have.

Hair Amount Needed

   All pieces are custom made using the hair the client provides to me. 

   A lock of hair such as is saved from a first haircut is usually sufficient to

   create most designs.  

  The sepia technique uses any length hair even extremely tiny pieces.  

   I ALWAYS return any hair not used in the construction of the piece.          

Will My Hair Work In The Design I Have in Mind

   Some hair may not be suitable for some designs.  Very curly hair is  

   difficult to use to create the Prince of Wales design for example.  Or the   

   basket weave design also, as the hair needs to lay quite straight to create

   these two designs.  If the hair is too short or too curly, or not enough of it

   for the first choice of design, it can be made into another design of your

   choice.  If you send me a picture I can tell you before ordering if you have

   enough hair or if it will work in the design you would like best. 

Ordering Procedure

  My ordering procedure has been to ask for 1/2 of the total cost as a down 

  payment at the time the hair is sent.  Upon receiving final approval I

  complete the piece and get it ready for shipping.  After receiving the other

  half of the payment cost I send the completed piece using Priority Mail so

  it can be insured and tracked.  This procedure has worked flawlessly for

  approximately twenty years. 

Payments Accepted

 I accept payment using PayPal.

 or Credit Card  

How Long Does It Take To Complete an Order

In general it takes about ten days to two weeks from the time I receive the hair to create and finish a piece.  There are exceptions, but that is an average. 

I will let you know the time frame at the time you order if it is different.  


Once the design is chosen and the style of locket is picked out, you should e-mail me for a firm quote.  The designs shown are samples of what can be created.  You are only limited by your imagination.

I do my best to create any design that might have meaning to the family or client.  The Bremen Town Musicians has special significance as did the squirrel, the castle design and many many others.  If you contact me I will let you know if the design you desire is possible with the amount of hair available.  

All designs are chosen by the client and created to their specifications.  Any hair not used in the creation of the art work will be returned to the client

Large pictures - Cost Varies $300 tO $500.


Frames Come in Many Sizes and Construction Materials


Frames Are Purchased Specifically for Your Hair Art Creation


Hair Art Cost Varies with the Size of the Art Work to Fit The Frame


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