Mourning jewelry

We save a lock of hair from a first haircut as a tradition dating back to Victorian times when mourning jewelry as typically made.

This jewelry continues that old tradition and brings it into today's world while preserving the techniques of creating it.  This ensures it will last for generations.


This jewelry can be passed down to future generations.  

Mourning jewelry


During Victorian Times and Earlier It was Customary to Wear Jewelry Made With the Hair of a Loved One. Mourning jewelry was important.   


Use Your Hair or the Hair of Loved One

This jewelry is Heirloom Jewelry Created Using Your Own or a Loved One's Hair .  It will last for generations and keep memories alive.


Close the deal

A lot of symbolism was used in 

Georgian and Victorian times. 

This Pendant has a Picture on the Reverse Side


This pendant has room for a picture or wording on the back side.  It can be special ordered in  14k gold.  

Typical Mourning Pendant from Victorian Times


This was done in a locket the client provided to me.  Many beautiful antique lockets can be found.

Swan Scene


Swan Scene on mother of pearl makes a really pretty and serene scene.  This pendant can be engraved on the back side.