Table Work Technique


Table Set Up To Do This Technique

Tablework is created using a custom made table and bobbins with weights.  The hair is woven around a form to make the desired shape.  This technique requires much longer hair than the palette or sepia techniques.


Bracelet & Earring

The bracelet and earrings below were made by Nancy Robertson using the Table Work Technique.  


Bracelet With Gold Settings

This was my attempt at creating something using this technique.  I admire Nancy Robertson for her beautiful work as I found this art form almost beyond me!!

Hair Flowers



Most of the hair wreaths were formed into a horseshoe shaped wreath that was placed on a silk or velvet background inside a frame.  When memorial wreaths were made, hair was collected from the deceased and added to the wreath whenever any one died.  The top of the wreath was always kept open at the top .... ascending heavenward.  It was said that the newest addition would be placed in the center, and then moved to the side to become part of the body of the wreath when the next person passed away.



Not all flower wreaths are memorials, some contain the hair from an entire church, a school, family etc.  These wreaths could get quite large in size.  They were made at a time when there were few or no photos. 

Hair flowers require longer hair.  The hair is wound around a wire and securing it with wire to make very long lengths of looped hair.  The hair is then shaped into petals or leaves and other shapes as desired.


 The hair is "stitched"  with a fine wire over a rod which forms a series of loops which are then formed into different flower shapes.  The diameter of the rod determines the size of the loops.  Longer hair is needed for this technique. 

sepia technique

Image of Dog Sepia


 Sepia painting is created using hair as a painting medium.  It is brushed thinly on the background of choice just like paint. 

Cabin in Woods Sepia


 Many sepia paintings are created using a combination of both the sepia technique and the palette work technique.  

Sepia Castle Scene


    The sepia painting can be layered to form depth and dimension. Give customers a reason to do business with you.

Palette Technique


Lilies of the Valley

 I find that Palette work is the most versatile of the techniques.  It can make pictures and designs both large and small.   


Four Family Flowers

 The hair art is created using a "cut and paste" technique to create most any design.   The hair is cut into the shapes that are needed to create the design and then pasted together to create the form.


Pink Tinted Hair Rose

When it's all put together it creates the design that is desired.  Designs are only limited by one's imagination.

I can create most anything you would like.