Palette Technique
Used to Create Victorian
Hair Art

Sepia Technique Cabin Scene

Sepia painting is created using hair as a painting medium.  It is brushed thinly on the background of choice just like paint.  Many sepia paintings are created using a combination of both the sepia technique and the palette work technique.  The sepia painting can be layered to form depth and dimension  The hair can be "sculpted" to create different designs.

To start the process the hair is cleaned and then sorted by color tones and length.  It is cut up into very fine little pieces.

You can see in the picture how the hair is layered and used as paint and the longer hairs are used to define shapes and borders .

The designs that  can be created are only limited by imagination.

 Sepia Bridge Sepia Bridge Scene Squirrel from Hair Castle Blonde Hair
Sepia Blonde Hair Bridge Tomb Scene Mermaid From Hair on Blue MOP Dark Hair Castle
Box Lid Leeza's Dog Music Box Hair Art Owl Sepia Hair Picture

Using  the same techniques  from the 1700  and  1800's this  jewelry  is  fashioned  from  a  lock  of your  own or a loved one's hair into the design of your choice.   The "hair art" is placed on a piece of mother-of-pearl and then inserted into the pendant of your choice.   You can see that this technique is very versatile and can create a large variety of designs

Very little hair is needed, a small lock is sufficient to make any of the styles shown.   Hair of any length can be used in this technique as it is chopped up fine. 

The hair can be tinted to create a more representative flower, and also the mother of pearl can be tinted to provide contrast to the hair color.  Every piece is custom made so it is created to the client's specifications.

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