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Blue Bells Using Palette Technique

It takes much less hair than most people think to create these pieces.  The picture above represents approximately the amount needed to create an average piece of hair art placed in a pendant.  For a one inch pendant design, if you spread the hair flat and it covers a one inch area at least twice, it is the minimum amount for most designs.  

I do my best to create any design that might have meaning to the family or client.  The Bremen Town Musicians has significance as did the Squirrel, castle design,  and many many others.  When you contact me I will let you know if what you desire is possible with the amount of hair available.

I will provide you the mailing address during the ordering process.  When sending the hair, please place it in a PADDED envelope, it has been known to get caught in the machinery at the Post Office if sent in a regular envelope.   PLEASE let me know before sending the hair so I know it will be arriving. Most of the hair sent to me is not replaceable, so it is important to know it is arriving, and I will email you and let you know I received it. 

A lock of hair such as is saved from a first haircut is usually sufficient to create most pendant designs. 

The sepia technique uses hair of any length, even extremely tiny pieces.

The sample you see on the right is approximately 2" long.


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