Hair Art Gallery

Sandi Johnson

Hair Artist


All Pieces Are Custom Made

These Are Some of the Designs I have Created Over the Years

Mermaid Marvin's Bridge Marvin's Squirrel Lavender Flower Marvin's Heart Flowers Love Knot
White Squirrel Moon Star Cross with Flower
Blue Forget Me Nots
Basket of Flowers Basketweave
Prince of Wales Prince Castle Dark Hair Bridge Scene Rose Pink Rose

Pearl's Heart

Leeza's Dog

Four Family Members  Hair

Pink rose

Pink Rose

Rose Bracelet
Blue Bell Blue Forget Me Not Family Basket Love Knot Basket Hair Flowers Castle
Three flowers Curl in Clear Basketweave Heart Flower Ladybug Flower Bouquet
Family Flowers Picture Frame Basketweave Frame Bouquet Lily of Valley Frame Family Flowers Frame Butterfly
Eje's Family Lolcket Basketweave Pink Scene Pink e Flower Faerie Basketweave
Bob's Castle Antique Pendant Bremen Town Musicians Bridge and Rose Top of Brass Box Family Tree
Pink rose in Heart Andrew Angel Angel Daisies Swedish Cabin Scene
Tiger Bear Squirrel Heart ArleneFlowers Boss Flower Peach Rose
Heart Rose Forget Me Nots Hair Flowers in Heart
Bridge Scene
Boss Earrings
Tomb With Doves Magnolia Clear Pendant Pansies Blonde Hair Hair Daisies
Love Knot

Below Are Pictures To Display on the Wall

Large Fklower

Palette Technique
Sepia Technique

Hair Flowers

Hair Flower Technique

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