Sandra Johnson
Hair Artist

Palette Technique

The Pieces on This Page Have Been Created Using the Palette Technique

  Love Knot

Using  techniques  from the 1700  and  1800's this  jewelry  is  fashioned  from  a  lock  of your  own or a loved one's hair into the design of your choice.   The "hair art" is placed on a piece of mother-of-pearl and then inserted into the pendant of your choice. 

"Hair Jewelry"was made as a sentimental way to remember a loved one during Victorian times.  This jewelry is made using the "cut work" or "palette work" technique and results in a piece of wearable art.

Very little hair is needed, a small lock is sufficient to make any of the styles shown.  The "Prince of Wales" style needs slightly longer  (at least 2-1/2")  and  more hair to design in the larger pendant, and the "Basket Weave" also needs slightly more hair than some of the others.  Hair as short as 1/2" can be used in many designs.

The hair can be tinted to create a more representative flower, and also the mother of pearl can be tinted to provide contrast to the hair color.  Every piece is custom made so it is made to the client's specifications.

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