Hair Art Techniques

There are Four Basic Hair Art Techniques

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Palette Work

Palette work is the most versatile of the techniques.  It can make pictures and designs both large and small.  The hair art is created using a "cut and paste" technique to create most any design.
Palette Work Brooch

Sepia Painting

Sepia painting is created using hair as a painting medium.  It is brushed thinly on the background of choice just like paint.  Most sepia paintings are created using a combination of both the sepia technique and the palette work technique.  The sepia painting can be layered to form depth and dimension.
Sepia Hair Art

Tablework is created using a custom made table and bobbins with weights.  The hair is woven around a form to make the desired shape.  This technique requires much longer hair than the palette or sepia techniques.
Tablework Bracelet

Hair Flowers

Hair flowers require long hair also.  The hair is wound around a wire and securing it with wire to make very long lengths of looped hair.  The hair is then shaped into petals or leaves and other shapes as desired.

When several shapes are wired together a flower can be formed and many very large wreaths were made using the hair from groups of people.  Sometimes an entire church would make one using the hair from their members.  A family would make one using the hair from all of their family members.  These pieces could be very large and ornate.

All of the hair work designs in the pictures above are pieces I have made