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           During Victorian Times and Earlier        

It Was Customary To Wear Jewelry Made With The Hair of a Loved One

This Jewelry Continues That Tradition & Brings It Into The 21st Century

Cost of Pendant $50.
The Cost of Hair Art is $150. for Most Designs

   Hair Art is Placed into the Setting of Your Choice  - Seen Below

If You Have A Suitable Piece It Can Be Placed Inside a Pendant You Provide

Pendant Price is Separate and in Addition to the Cost of Hair Art

Cost of Earrings $60-100.

Please  Click on Images to See Pictures of More Hair Art Designs and Pendant Information
                       Cost of Pendant $25.
                      Stainless Steel

   Cost of Pendants
$40. - $100.
     Sterling or Gold-Fill
Cost of Pictures Varies with

    Frame Size & Picture Complexity

Cost of Pendant/Brooch

     Cost of Bracelets  $25.
          Stainless Steel

Click on the Pendant Images to See More Information

Using  techniques  from the 1700  and  1800's a  lock  of  hair is crafted into the design of the client's choice.   The artwork is  placed on a  piece of mother-of-pearl.    This hair art is proudly crafted in the USA using natural products.
Hair Jewelry  was  made as mourning  jewelry,  remembrance jewelry and a gift of  love during Victorian times and before, when there were no pictures to look upon and remember a loved one with.   Hair jewelry makes a unique and  beautiful gift for oneself, or for a loved one.  Hair jewelry is made and given with love.
Each piece is packaged in a "treasure" box for safekeeping when not being worn.   These pieces if properly cared for should last for generations.

This jewelry is made using the "cutwork" or "palette work" technique, and results in a pendant of "wearable art".  Very little hair is needed, a small lock is sufficient to make any of the styles shown, and the designs depicted on this website are representations of what can be done.   All designs are custom created to your specifications.

 ** Not all hair is compatible for every design, please e-mail with any questions

             Learn More About the Four Basic Techniques of Hair Art Click Here               

             During Victorian Times Flowers Had Symbolic Meanings
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Gallery of Pendant Images
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Frequently Asked Questions                   Answers
  How Much Hair is Needed?Laid flat it needs to cover an area of about 2 square inches for most designs
I always return any hair not used in the creation of these pieces

  How Long Does it Take?It takes approximately a week to complete a piece and get it sent - 10 Days Total Approximately from when the hair is received
  How Do I Care For My Jewelry?
Hair Art is delicate.  It is protected under glass, but it cannot be gotten wet. A dry polishing cloth is best used to clean the glass.  Hair Art will last indefinitely if properly taken care of.  
  How Long Have You Been Doing This?
About 15 Years for Clients -

   Are there Special Instructions for Sending Hair ?
Place hair in a padded envelope for safe delivery.  
   What Payments Do You Accept ?I accept most forms of payment.  Paypal can be used for payment with a Credit Card.  


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Wikipedia has the definition and a small article on hair art for those interested 

in more background information on the history of this beautiful old art form.

Click  Here to get to the page for more history

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