Victorian Hair Jewelry

Custom Made Jewelry

Lavender Flower

by Hair Artist Sandi Johnson

Made Using Your Own

or a Loved One's HAIR


Music Box With Hair Art

Music Box With Sepa Design
Prince of Wales Using Hair
Traditional Prince of Wales Design
Rose Made of Hair

Pink Tinted Hair Rose

During Victorian Times and Earlier
It Was Customary

To Wear Jewelry Made Using the Hair of a Loved On

Squirrel Made from Hair

Castle Scene Using Hair
Castle Scene
Mermaid Blonde Hair
Mermaid on Blue
Mother of Pearl
Lady Bug From Red Hair
Lady bug on Leaf
Blue Bells Using Hair
Blue Bells

This Jewelry Continues That Tradition and Brings It Into The 21st Century


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In Victorian Times Flowers Had Symbolic Meanings

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All Artwork on this site is created using HAIR

Swedish Stuga Scene Tinted Hair
Swedish Cabin Scene

Using hair art techniques from the 1700 and 1800's a lock of hair
is crafted into the design of the client's choice then placed on a piece of mother-of-pearl.

I have been creating hair art for over twenty years and each piece of hair art is meticulously
hand crafted using natural products and the hair provided to me by the client.

Each piece is packaged in a "treasure" box for safekeeping when not being worn and a beautiful gift presentation. 
These pieces if properly cared for will last for generations.

This jewelry is made using the cutwork and/or palette work techniques which results in a pendant
of "wearable art".  Very little hair is needed to create these and a small lock is sufficient
to make any of the designs shown above. 

All designs are custom created to your specifications.

 Owl Created From Blonde Hair 

Hair Art is Placed Inside The Setting
or Frame of Your Choice

If You Have Your Own Suitable Jewelry
Your Art Can Be Placed Inside Of It

14K Gold Pendants Can Be Special Ordered

I Also Do Restoration of Antique Pieces

 Earrings Hair Flower

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Wikipedia has the definition and an article on hair art for those interested
in more background information on the history of this beautiful old art form.

Click Here for the link to the page for more history.